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Our Services

If you are interested in any of the services we offer below, feel free to contact us for a free no-obligation discovery session.

Bespoke Development

  • iOS (iPhone and iPad) Apps
  • Android (Phone & Tablet) Apps
  • Web & Cloud Apps
  • Mobile Games
  • Chat-bots
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • Internet Of Things (Embedded Devices)


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Search Engine & App Store Optimisation
  • Cross-platform Promoting
  • Promotional Design
  • Start-up Market Research/Anaylasis

Product Design

  • UX App Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Graphics Design
  • Interactive Prototypes

App Development

We collaborate with sophisticated clients to deliver a cohesive applications in various spaces including enterprise apps (not on the public app stores), store apps, games and much more.

Roxwin creates iOS and Android mobile and tablet applications.

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Powering Future Technology

Roxwin are at the forefront of development, being one of the first app development companies in New Zealand we strive at pushing and developing future innovation.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Connected devices, fridges, TVs, cars, even the toothbrush. The amount of internet connected devices is rising everyday. We understand new technology and we’re already producing IoT devices for manufacturing plants, enabling effective tracking of machines and their outputs – we ensure that the highest level of data is utilized to make business and technology decisions.


Using IoT data to make business decisions is the next big technology revolution. Roxwin is ready to connect – contact us today for your free non-obligation discovery session.


A Chat-bot is a smart piece of artificial intelligence that allows a user to message directly to provide questions and answers or engage in a transaction conversation, for example booking a hotel room or ordering a trades-man to come over to your house.


Chat-bots can accept various forms of input including text, images and voice and can determine the intent of the user using advanced algorithms.


Roxwin can help guide you and develop your chat-bot for your website, app or other customer channel. Contact us today for more details and for your free non-obligation discovery session.

Augmentent Reality

We develop apps and games which connect thee real world to the virtual using augmented reality, contact us for more information.

Virtual Reality

We develop apps and games in virtual reality worlds, contact us for more information.

Cloud Development

Cloud and Web development is the cornerstone of digital solutions for business, we develop bespoke systems and also use our dedicated cloud app platform to effectively develop business apps.

Cloud applications can be used on their own or connected with mobile apps and other systems such as social media and IoT devices.

Start-up Ventures

A collaboration with Roxwin will help build your start up, from inception to release. We’ve been involved in over 10 start-ups and pride ourselves in helping develop ideas and build businesses.

We offer special Start-up venture deals for those that are looking for a development partner.

Our Process

We're agile

Our initial free discovery session will allow us to begin conceptualizing your solution to your requirements. Moving through the requirements we will outline and detail how your project can produce the best outcome to your budget.

The design will bring in many parts of our team, beginning with the technical design with our solution architects and developers, plus the user experience design will build into the graphical user interface design. We also love to work Agile where we can design in small iterations, this is perfect for prototyping.

This is when the developers get to work and begin producing your solution, with our modern development environment there will be many opportunities to view and process demos with the team as they go – ensuring the outputs are what you expect.

Testing is a crucial part of the development process, this will begin with working with you and your team and ensuring the solution delivers to your requirements and working as you expect.

Pushing the app out to the app store or to your employees is the next important part. Acquiring customers for your app is also crucial and pushing this out to many platforms ensures a high level of reach.

Once you’re live we don’t plan to leave you, with various support packages we promise to be there for you when you or your customers have any issues. Plus this ensures that the app will continue to work on any new updates to the operating systems (eg. iOS).

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